Rattlers Fail to Weather the Storm

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The very sight of Bragg Memorial Stadium told the story of the FAMU Rattlers last night. The field was muddied, the bleachers wet, and the fans, well the a nod of the cap to the few who braved the storm.

Overall, there is little question on the Rattlers effort. They are trying. Vernon Wilder had some big plays on defense, Phil Sylvestor returned to his effective form... and the Rattlers brought it to the first place Spartans.

But it wasn't enough as the Rattlers fell for the third game in a row, and the fifth time on the season.

"I think this was the first game where our effort was there to win the game. I think there are other times where we came out and played dead the first half and we try to fight back . This was the first time I really like the team, as young as we are, actually had the effort that it takes to win the game," says FAMU DB Jason Beach.

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