Rattlers Can't Keep Up with Jones

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All is not well in Rattler nation, as the Orange and Green were handed their third consecutive loss last night.

The score showed a close one, but the stat sheets tells a very different tale. The Rattlers were out-gained by the Spartans by a 405 to 225 margin.

Daryl Jones rushed for 258 yards on his own against the Rattlers, while freshman sensation Phil Sylvestor led the Rattlers with 98 yards on the ground.

Once again, an uneven performance by Rattlers quarterback Leon Camel.

"It just hurts me to know that Coach put a lot of time in with me to do things right and I didn't come through for him tonight so I mean I put it all on me. There's not much that I can now about that game but I can do something about the upcoming games," says Camel.

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