Winning Jaguars Still Struggling with Fan Support

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) _ Jacksonville's football team is
struggling to maintain its fan base.
The Jaguars (4-1) nearly blacked out their home opener for the
first time in the franchise's 13-year history. They needed a
ticket-sales extension to avoid a local and regional television
When team owner Wayne Weaver hired an investment firm in hopes
of refinancing 110 million dollars in debt, it fueled speculation
he was trying to sell the team.
But as he puts it, the team is not for sale. And he insists it's
not moving, either.
He believes the NFL will eventually be a strong sell in
Jacksonville. After all, tickets were in high demand during the
franchise's first five years. But once the novelty wore off and
wins started coming less often, fans began staying home or finding
other things to do on Sundays.

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