FAMU in Danger of a Losing Season

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"As grown men, we have pride. We don't want to just lay down and say we're 2-5 and three games down, so let's go out there and worry about next year. Some of us don't have next year so we have to go and play these last four games with confidence," said senior running back Anthony Edwards.

Speaking of the last four games, there's a quarterback controversy brewing between senior Leon Camel or getting Eddie Battle ready for next year.

"As for whose going to be under center, Leon's doing a good job for being pressed into that situation. He'll continue to execute the offense the way we structure it," said head coach Rubin Carter.

Adding insult to injury, or maybe the other way around, the offense will have to do without senior left tackle Justin Delancy, meaning Camel will be dealing with more pressure from the defense.

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