NFL's Super Bowl Champs On Path For Repeat

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They are the defending champions, and now are approaching the midway mark without a single loss. After going 3-3 in their conference last season, the Colts look even better in 2007.

"It's something we talked about early in training camp, how challenging it was to get off to a good start, coming out of the gates early, playing well, and this was a pivotal game," says last year's Super Bowl MVP Peyton Manning.

"Well I think that speaks of our team, I thought Houston, Tennessee, and Jacksonville from what I could see on the tape are better than they were last year...and last year, we couldn't beat them on the road, and this year we did, so I think we're playing a little bit better and we're going to have to play better the rest of the year," adds Colts head coach Tony Dungy.

Usually by now, we are talking about the high-flying offense, but instead this year with some injuries in effect, the versatility and consistency of the team has proven to be a winning formula.

"It's just the maturity of this team, at any time, anybody can play any position, and make plays, that's our advantage we have, we're loaded offensively," says former Miami Hurricane and Colts star wideout Reggie Wayne.

"It's kind of good to be the underdog sometimes, they don't know what I bring to the table, everything I do is a surprise to them, everybody else, but not to me, so it's different, but it feels good," adds backup tailback Kenton Keith.

Then there's the defense, once a squad that merely got the occasional sack, this year's Colts defense is doing all the little things asked from a championship squad.

"It's how we're supposed to play, that's Colts football right there...guys at every position making big plays, turnovers, interceptions, big hits, caused fumbles, sacks, ain't no better than that," says defensive end Dwight Freeney.

Of course, for the Colts to repeat, they'll have to forbear an undefeated Patriots squad looking to win back the Lombardi Trophy.

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