Reflecting On Nascar Greatness: The Rainbow Warrior

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To the asphalt where we take a moment to celebrate greatness. What Jeff Gordon is doing is simply remarkable, and these days, he's enjoying it more than ever.

Among the short list of NASCAR greats, Jeff Gordon's name must be included, and as nice of a ride it must have been for him, it's only getting better these days. That's because his three and a half month old daughter Ella is now at the track, ready to share in the glory of greatness.

"It's changed me in many ways, but not on the race track... I'm going to do it as cautiously as before she came... I know how safe the sport truly is, it's definitely changed the way I look at the world for sure, puts a lot of things in perspective, I realize that winning races is not everything. To me, there's so much more to life now, and I love every minute of it," says Gordon.

A nice moment for the Gordons may be soaking in the accolades with another Nextel Cup Championship. A goal that is very much in sight.

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