Duo Tackles Football and Marching Band

The Friday night lights are especially bright for two young men who say they cannot and will not choose between football and marching band. The two quick change artists at Tallahassee's Florida High are not only part of the Noles' starting line up, they are key players in the half time show too.

It's Friday night. Kadmiel Perez suits up in garnet and gold. Keep your eye on him. He's number five. The senior defensive lineman is focused on sacking the quarterback and stopping the run, but as soon as that clock ticks down to half time, the pads come off and the saxophone goes on.

"I just take off my football pads and put back on my jersey and grab my saxophone and play the half time show," Perez says with a shrug. "I get a lot of second glances, definitely. It's just not something you see every now and then, at all really."

Perez is one of two starters on the football team who is also a musician in the Noles’ marching band.

Sophomore Josh McCormick -an offensive lineman - is a quick change artist too. It takes him less than two minutes to ditch his number 64 jersey and don his tuba.

"People are kind of surprised because normally they see a big kid like me, oh, that kid plays football, but then they see me take off my shoulder pads and then go and grab the tuba and it's like, oh, he plays in the band too, that's neat," McCormick said.

The guys do miss the coach's half time pep talks and instructions, but they get the short version before taking the field for the second half. The guys readily admit it's a challenge juggling practices throughout the week.

They say flexibility from the band director and coaches is key as they suit up on Mondays and Wednesdays and tune up on Tuesdays and Thursdays and most days they double up. But for the love of the game and the love of music, they delight in that Friday night double duty.

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