An Interim AD Is Named at FSU With Homecoming a Day Away

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We pick up from Thursday when FSU Athletic Director Dave Hart announced his intentions to move on forgoing the final year of his contract, while still making out with the

$475,000 salary. Today FSU President T.K. Wetherell announced a temporary fix for the position as Flagler College Chancellor and Florida state congressman Dr. William L. Proctor will pick up the reigns from Hart.

There will be plenty to work on right away including a struggling football program and an academic scandal that we may have just seen the tip of the iceberg on thus far.

Then there's that football game this weekend. The Noles host a Homecoming contest against the Duke Blue Devils. A team that Noles have dominated historically, but, unfortunately, for the Noles, this season has seen very different standards.

To Duke's credit, they are improved. They still don't have a conference win on the season, but they have lost at Miami by 10, and to Wake Forest by just 5 points.

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