Blazers Still Celebrating the Win

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The big victory due to an all around effort by the VSU Blazers. The defense made stops when they needed to and the offense made that huge fourth down play in the fourth quarter to lead to that winning touch down. And even special teams kicked in with a blocked punt."

Blazers head football coach, David Dean, talks about the play that got them in position to win. "That was huge play. We went through that was actually his third read. He was coming back down to his third read. He threw the ball. Clay made a great catch, got up the field and he kept the drive alive and we ended up putting the ball in the end zone for the winning touchdown."

Clay Callaway is the Blazers wide receiver who came down with the catch. "It was a good feeling as well probably not as good as the touchdown just because I didn't know the repercussions of that big fourth down catch. But I just know what the down distance was looked over and here comes the ball and I just came down with it."

The defense stepped it up after the offense got the go ahead touchdown to help seal the deal for the victory.

William Montford is a linebacker for the Blazers. "We just preach commitment and no matter what happens we just persevere through everything and just stay together. If we fall apart there is no way we can make a stop so we can just teach believing in each other and we know we are going to come out on top every time."

The Blazers get the big victory in a nail biter. Now they look forward to another conference match-up this time against the University of Arkansas at Monticello.

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