Blazers Return to Practice After Big Win

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While the FSU win over Duke was nice, but expected, the two big surprises this weekend came from teams north of the Florida border. Of course, I'm talking Georgia over Florida, but also the Blazers of VSU defeating the second ranked team in the nation, the North Alabama Lions.

For a team that has been scoring around 40 points a game, the Blazers found their match in a North Bama defense that forced them to balance their offense.

Considering the season Michael Terry is having, combined with the versatility of Willie Copeland, the Blazers were able to have their mission accomplished.

"Oh, it definitely means a whole lot to all of these guys who have been working hard since spring, all those guys who have put in years and years into this, it means a lot, especially to those seniors, the coaching staff, everybody just working hard, it's a really big win, confidence booster," says senior linebacker William Montford.

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