A Little Nascar Marketing Proposal

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In my college days, in the Music city, just about every day after class I would grab some Jimmy Johns. Not only is their bread fantastic and fresh, but they lived up to their billing as being fast.

Which takes us to the driver Jimmy Johnson, he's got some speed himself. So fast that with both Ward brothers in attendance he won Sunday's race at the Atlanta MotorSpeedway. Which has me wondering why Jimmy Johns and Jimmy Johnson can't meet for a promotion.

I had the same question when the New York Mets built their new stadium and didn't sell the naming rights to Apple Computers. The stadium could have been named the Big Apple.

Anyway, enough about me and my big ideas, here's the guy who finished second to Johnson.

"We were really lucky and grateful on how the day ended, but overall, it was just a good day for us and... we did not deserve to run second today, with the way we performed, so it's a great day for us," says Carl Edwards.

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