World Serious, Congrats Boston Red Sox

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It's time to get serious about those Boston Red Sox. The joke is no longer on them, as they are now halfway there in forming the dynasty the Yankees had a decade ago.

The Bo-Sox took the World by storm, winning 4 straight against the red hot Colorado Rockies.

This will make legends out of Manny Ramirez, David Ortiz, and manager Terry Francona.

A tip of the cap to the World Series champs.

The Boston Red Sox captured their second World Series title in the last four years after sweeping the Colorado Rockies four games to zero in the best-of-seven game series of the 2007 Fall Classic. Florida State was the only school in the nation to have two former Division I players capture a World Series ring in 2007 with outfielder J.D. Drew and catcher Kevin Cash. Luis Alicea also played a vital role in the Red Sox run to a title as the former Seminole was in his first season as Boston’s first base coach.


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