VSU Football Puts on a Great Show

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If you are a resident of Florida and a football fan, you probably think that I am over-hyping the Valdosta State Blazers, but I assure you, if you take a drive up I-84, you will be happy with what you see.

And that is some good solid football. This past weekend, two of the best teams in the nation played some ball, and the home team won.

The fact that it's division-2 is in my mind a positive, less money at stake means less power for boosters, and an atmosphere more centered around the student athlete.

just take a listen from this student athlete, celebrating his first touchdown in a very big win.

"Yeah, it was my first one all year, first one in my position. Willie threw a good ball, I just went up and made the catch and it was definitely a good feeling, especially in a game like this, something I will always remember," says wide out Clay Callaway.

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