Richt With Idle Time on UGA Sideline

ATHENS, Ga. (AP) _ In his first full season since handing off
play-calling duties, Mark Richt is coping with some new issues --
like more free time and free emotions on the Georgia sideline.
Richt turned over play-calling duties to offensive coordinator
Mike Bobo late last season.
He says that's freed him up to be a little more emotional on the
He said at first he wasn't sure what to do with the new role and
that he's still figuring it out.
Emotions -- both Richt's and his players' -- were the lead
topics today as the coach discussed last week's 42-30 win over
Florida and Saturday's game against Troy.
Thanks to the win over Florida, Number-10 Georgia leads the
SEC's Eastern Division. The Bulldogs have a 6-2 record and are 4-2
in the SEC.
After the big win, Richt felt it necessary to send a public
written apology to SEC commissioner Mike Slive.
Richt apologized for giving his players the go-ahead for an
unusual on-field celebration in the win over Florida.
Richt emphasized Tuesday he never authorized his team to leave
the sideline following the Bulldogs' first touchdown. But he says
he can understand how players thought that was the case -- and why
Slive was concerned about the potential for the celebration to turn
to confrontation.
Richt says he wanted the celebration to include only the 11
players on the field. He said he was motivated by his team's
listless starts in a 35-14 loss to Tennessee on Oct. 6 and a 45-17
win over Mississippi on Sept. 29.

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