High Flying Eagles Have Plenty of Respect for Coach Bobby Bowden

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As if a World Series Championship, and an undefeated NFL team playing the game of the week wasn't enough to hold Bostonians over, Boston College is putting on a show in Chestnut Hill.

When they joined the ACC a few years ago, no one expected them to be such players in the conference, but the roles have reversed and the Noles, who once sat on top of the conference now visit the high-flying Eagles led by Heisman Candidate Matt Ryan. However, the respect still goes both ways.

"Well Coach Bowden goes without saying, the things he's done for college football, and his record speaks for itself, the guy has been so successful and the way he's run his program, for his class and everything that they do down there, I would like to run the program the same way here," says BC Head Coach Jeff Jagodzinski.