Bobby Bowden's Supporters are Speaking Up

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For a sensational Saturday the Florida State Seminoles will have to do the unexpected and that is take down Boston College at Chestnut Hill.

Now this is somewhat new territory for the Noles, as they play the role of underdog while playing a team that has mostly been known for their basketball.

The change in roles has led to a lot of grief in Tallahassee aimed directly at the top. The man who was once deemed untouchable.. head coach Bobby Bowden.

Is that right, well I'd have to say no, the man built the program to begin with. He's got plenty of supporters including one distinguished alumni now playing in Jacksonville.

"I disagree with them. I think they're dead wrong. Coach Bobby has been doing the same thing since I was there, since Peter Warrick was there, since Charlie Ward was there. Ain't nothing change. A couple losing seasons in a row and people start to talk, but all it takes is one good season. One good season and they'll be off his back," says former Noles running back Greg Jones.

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