Rattlers Look to Homecoming to Rid Taste of Losing

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Homecoming couldn't come at a better time for the FAMU Rattlers. Even in the midst of their current 4-game losing streak, Homecoming can bring a smile to anyone's face... and at FAMU they do it right, it's not about the beers, it's about the peers, and the sense of family....

That is something that the current Rattlers could use these days.

Something else that they can use is a win over North Carolina A and T.

That is very realistic considering the Aggies are 0-7 in the conference and have yet to get a win all year.

Sounds like the perfect setting to get rid of that losing feeling.

"We understand what they're feeling, all of the emotions involved with that, being in this type of situation, and working to continue to build, and develop those relationships to me, which is really critical, and we're doing that," says FAMU head coach Rubin Carter.

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