Live Halftime Report From Boston College

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In a rain-soaked first half, the Noles had no problems moving the ball against Boston College. They totaled 175 yards in the air, and a more surprising 58 yards on the ground. Once again, the Noles failed to translate the yards into points, as penalties and a missed field goal kept the game scoreless until the second quarter.

Drew Weatherford then connected with sophomore wide receiver Preston Parker for a 23-yard strike. There was some controversy on the play, as the ball appeared to hit the ground, but an official review determined that the catch was made and the Noles took a 7-0 lead.

The Seminole defense has thus far limited the Eagles high-flying defense to just 26 rushing yards, while Heisman hopeful Matt Ryan was picked at the two yard line to keep BC off the board.

Once again, the Noles offense has dominated the game thus far, however, just one score tells the tale that the number two team in the nation is very much in the game.

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