Every Team Has A Story: FSU Beats BC

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"It was awful, it was freezing out, I have hand-warmers and everything, had to go out and buy a ski outfit today," says traveling FSU fan Olivia Wright.

Not the climate that Florida State fans are accustomed to in a game the Seminoles were not supposed to win. In a town known for their Red Sox and Patriots, the Noles served up the sweet taste of humble pie.

Are the Patriots next for you guys?

"Hey, that's not what I want our guys to think, no, we have to play a great Virginia Tech team," said FSU offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher.

"That's a big win, especially for Florida State, and the position we've been in lately," says a defiant Dekoda Watson.

"If there was ever a team victory, that was it... all of them helped in that game," says head coach Bobby Bowden.

"Yeah, that's the biggest game of the year, they ranked number 2 in the nation, you just got a good opportunity to prove that we're one of the best in the nation," explained sophomore sensation Preston Parker.

"It's real big, the first time we've ever done that, it's good to get it the way that we did, with 4 picks on the Heisman Hopeful, it just shows Florida State is back on the rise," says the man responsible for the game-clinching interception and touchdown Geno Hayes.

The Noles made a statement, they could compete and beat the best in the nation, but to be the best takes consistency, this weekend at Blacksburg, Virginia they go for win number three in a row.

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