Seminoles Offense All Starts at the Line

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All should be well for Seminoles fans after a big victory in Beantown over this past weekend. I just came back last night from the trip, and by Sunday, I didn't hear one Boston sports fan even mention that game, I guess their minds are wrapped around that little Pats - Colts game, but guess what, Tallahassee is a college sports town and the thrill of the win has not been lost.

A few days after the big win, the Noles are still reflecting on what went right, and for the offense, it all starts at the line.

They played great. All the credit really has to go to them. With out them we really wouldn't have been able to run or throw the ball effectively. From the first quarter to the fourth, they protected me really well. They played really hard and really smart all game," says junior quarterback Drew Weatherford.

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