Suspensions Lowered Against Godby & East Gadsden

Breaking news on the high school sports scene.

The East Gadsden Jaguars could be forced to forfeit Friday night's game as a result from their sideline clearing brawl during last Thursday's contest with the Godby Cougars.

Godby who plays Thursday against Lincoln at Gene Cox Stadium will have 5 players suspended by the FHSAA. One Cougar player also received a 6 week suspension.

East Gadsden appears to have suffered harsher penalties. 35 Jaguar players, including Assistant Coach Holt have been penalyzed by the FHSAA. Offenses range from Regular Unsporting Conduct (a 7-day suspension & minimum 1 game) to Gross Unsporting Conduct (a 14-day suspension & minimum 2 games).

It should be noted that both East Gadsden and Godby have every right to appeal the rulings. East Gadsden is currently trying to expedite the appeal process on some of the suspensions so that Friday's game at Jefferson County can still be played.

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