UGA Football Urges Black Support

ATHENS, Ga. (AP) _ Georgia's seniors are calling on all Bulldog
fans to wear black between the hedges on Saturday.
Will the players be part of the black-out, too?
There's plenty of speculation that Georgia will don black
uniforms for its crucial Southeastern Conference game against
Auburn, though coach Mark Richt scoffed at the notion of giving up
the team's traditional red jerseys on such short notice.
He said, ``It's hard to order up jerseys in a week's time.
That's impossible.''
Still, it's an intriguing idea to consider, and Georgia wouldn't
be the first team to break out new uniforms in hopes of getting an
emotional boost. Notre Dame is well known for switching to green
jerseys for some of its biggest games.
Linebacker Marcus Washington said, ``We probably should go with
some black jerseys.''
Cornerback Asher Allen said don't count on it.
Allen said, ``You ain't ever going to see that happen.''
Taking up a request from the seniors, Richt asked all Georgia
fans to wear black to the game instead of their usual red.
Coca-Cola jumped on the bandwagon, announcing it would print up
5,000 black T-shirts to be distributed to students on the day of
the game.
Richt even came to his weekly news conference wearing a black
shirt and pants, and it's likely he will have the same look on game
He said, ``I'm trying to get it started.''

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