The Seminole Spotlight

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The Seminoles are fresh off their biggest win of the year and now must face another beast in the ACC in the 11th ranked Virginia Tech.

"This is a big game, no doubt about it, Virginia Tech still has a chance tow in the division, all we have to do is have a chance to kind of help, decide who wins it, but it won't be us," says Bobby Bowden.

"That's not only confidence, but also the country saw that we're not faking; we're Florida State back on the rise, we're trying to get back to that past that we were back in the old days, so we showed a big point to everyone around the nation," adds Geno Hayes.

Unlike 2005, the Noles are no longer in the ACC Title picture. However, the Hokies are, and their loss two years ago in Jacksonville is sure to serve as motivation.

"I'd imagine they couldn't forget that, they came in here, might have lost one game, we lost about three, and by beating them, we wont he conference championship, that stays in your crawl a pretty long time," comments Bowden.

"They have a good secondary, good linebackers... we just have to be ready and be prepared to play them on Saturday," cites DeCody Fagg.

Once again on a trip up north the Noles look to beat the cold and another highly ranked opponent. That's you Seminole Spotlight.

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