Blazers Earned Playoff Bye Week

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Let's talk some Blazers football, there won't be any playoffs action for the Blazers this weekend, just like last year, but that's a good thing.

Last year, the Blazers missed the playoffs and were preparing for a busy off-season. This time around, while the field will be barren this weekend, it's because the Blazers earned themselves a bye when the Division Two playoffs kick off.

The Blazers are the number one seed in the south east region. They won their last 4 games of the season to earn this position.

They get to sit and watch just like you and me this weekend, to find out who is their next opponent decided by the Albany State Catawba contest.

"We're not going to change a whole bunch. We've been successful with what we been doing, running to the football, playing good defense, good special teams, mixing it up on offense. being a little bit more balanced, running the ball and throw the ball. So we're not going to change a whole bunch. Its worked for us so far, so we don't see any need to make any kind of rash changes," says VSU Head Coach David Dean.

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