Plenty of Local High School Football Teams Prepare for Playoffs

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Friday will be another busy weekend for most football teams in our area, which says a lot about the success of the local programs since we are now in the playoffs. Fresh off a pounding from Lincoln, Coach Crews can't wait for the Cougars to lay it all on the line.

"This is playoffs time of the year and you have to get that playoff mentality if you want to go further in the playoffs and the last couple of years we've been one and done, and we're trying not to do that this year," says Godby Head Coach Shelton Crews.

Over at North Florida Christian, the Eagles look to maintain a winning tradition, and that stellar regular season record now gets thrown out the door.

"We matched the best record here for the regular season, but the real season is now. We expected to get to this point, now we have a tough team coming in, and Florida Air Academy, they're pretty good," comments NFC Head Eagle Casey Weldon.

Also in action, the undefeated Florida High Noles, Lincoln, and the defending champion FAMU High, and that's just for Tallahassee. For everyone else, see you Friday night at the Blitz.

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