Cats Versus Dawgs on WCTV at 12:30pm

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The Georgia Dawgs have earned their way onto WCTV this weekend, and this very well could be the game of the week, assuming you're not into that little Michigan Ohio State rivalry.

The SEC showdown involves the 8th ranked Dawgs, hosting the 22nd ranked Wildcats.

This isn't the usual Cats versus Dawgs match-up in which the Dawgs dominate.

Nope, the Wildcats have already knocked off the number one team in the nation.

If the Dawgs plan to do their usual, try to outscore the opponent, they might meet their match on Saturday.

Of course one advantage that does help is having nearly 100 grand of support behind ya.

"It was real good to see how our stadium just blacked out and we ran out on the field, that's the loudest I've ever seen, ever heard the stadium since 2004 against LSU... that's good, we need to keep it that way," says senior safety Kelin Johnson.

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