Little Giants: Wakulla High's Mini-Mascot

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hen Wakulla High is on the field, its obvious to see to the team is lead by Super Six Senior Linebacker Nigel Bradhum. Its when the War Eagles take the field that the not so noticeable 'Little Giant' leads them out the tunnel.

He’s like a mini-Mascot. Not quite a full grown War Eagle. More like a "War Eaglet," and he is Paxton Toamaini.

The Pee-Wee athlete is the son of Coach Chris Tomaini. Every game Paxton is in full uniform ready for battle hoping he gets his number called or at least getting ready for the day he becomes a member of the active roster. Paxton says he is a quarterback.

"I just like being with my team and I like doing my best," says Paxton.

And when the team struggles, Paxton says he's confident his talents are "Good. Good Enough."

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