Thomasville Teams on a Roll

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"We've been well, we've been good. We're blessed to get to this point. I'd say we're hungry." Says Head Coach richie Marsh
And a hungry dog is a dangerous one. Especially when that dog comes with an extreme confidence.

"There's a swagger that we've had this year. That we've been blessed enough to obtain. We're gonna hold on to it and continue to play that way." Says Marsh
Now Thomasville looks to turn Savannah into puppy chow. On the other side of town the Thomas County Central Yellow Jackets are still unbeaten heading into tonight's second round match up vs Whitewater. Now the jackets have to keep the fire while staying focussed.

"I don't think anybody going into the second round of the playoffs is not gonna be fired up and ready to play. I think as long as we do what we gotta do, we'll be fine." Says Head Coach Ed Pilcher

Luckily for Rose City residents, both games are in town.

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