A Break From Tradition

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Garland Jones is the head student trainer for Bethune-Cookman University's football team. Although she cannot be hands on until she graduates, Jones helps with water, bandages and minor cuts and bruises. That's great, except for one thing, Jones is a Tallahassee native who walks the sidelines of the Daytona Beach rival school.

"I've been around FAMU my entire life. My whole family, they're all Rattlers. And it's through my blood but I just had to venture off and become a Wildcat," said Jones.

And Jones says she does not second guess that venture. Nor does she miss the Rattler experience she remembers as a child.

"Naw. I never do. I can always come home and see this. The band. I can always watch a football game. So, I mean, never," added Jones.

Her FAMU ties must mean she shares some love for the Rattlers. Or at least, she finds herself cheering on her family's alma mater. But for Jones, that's not the case. "When I come to Classic I'm always a Wildcat at heart. I'm always here. This is where is goes down. And I know my mom, she's in the stands. She's routing for the Rattlers and that's all the support they need."

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