Every Team Has A Story: Gary Cismesia Kicks Into Record Books

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Every team has a story and the Seminoles regular season certainly did not end on a high note, however, of the cast of characters, it's the team's kicker who stands out.

"I'd rather kick extra points than field goals all day, the field goals helped us, but not enough tonight. We would have scored touchdowns we would have been in a lot better shape, I can't worry about that... when they call my number, I got to go out and make them," says FSU Senior Kicker Gary Cismesia.

Make them he has, at a record pace. Gary Cismesia has tied the FSU record with 27 field goals this season.

"Right now we just lost to Florida, there isn't nothing good that came out of it, couple years down the road, it will be good to look back at it," he adds.

The highlight on Saturday came within seconds of half-time when the Seminoles turned to their kicker for a 60-yard attempt.

"Everyone in the stands is making fun of me... yeah I know I'm fat, but you know what, it also helps because... I'm going to make this kick so you ain't going to say anything me... I make that 60-yarder, I came back from half-time and they didn't say nothing to me the rest of the game... that gives me extra incentive," says the ACC Specialist of the Week.

While the Noles have struggled in their red zone opportunities, Cismesia has honed his craft, one of the positives in a season that has left plenty to be desired.

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