Got Game: FAMU Women's Dominance

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The FAMU Rattlers used to be feared by every team in the MEAC. In fact, when any school beat the Rattlers, chances were it was that particular teams' biggest win of the season. Playoffs were as normal as brushing your teeth... Things have definitely changed from those glory days-- or have they?
Some of FAMU's dominance is still holding strong... see for yourself.

The FAMU Rattler dominance has shifted heavily in favor of the Ladies... Coach Debra Clark's FAMU women's basketball team is undefeated (4-0) so far this season.

FAMU Women's Head Basketball Coach Debra Clark says:
"Our senior have been leading our team in the 2 games that I was out ill... They won those so I'm real pleased at this stage of the season."

Clark missed a few games while recovering from thyroid surgery, but now she's getting back in stride with the MEAC leading ladies.

FAMU Senior Guard Joslyne Jackson says:
"We are glad to have her back and we are ready to play for her."

Clark says
"The thing I'm supposed to be doing now is resting my voice, but in this profession it's kinda hard... so I'm trying to slow down a bit."

On that very same court, another women's team has been even more of a powerhouse... Coach Tony Trifonov's volleyball squad was undefeated in the MEAC this season, extending his 11-year record to 111 wins, 2 losses overall against the conference.

FAMU Head Volleyball Coach Tony Trifonov says:
"We've played a lot of matches over the course of the season... We just have to get mentally ready for a completely different level of volleyball. It's a great experience to be in the NCAA tournament. This is our 8th in the last 9 years. It's great to be still playing in early December."

As you can tell, the Orange & Green ranks supreme when it comes to ladies with game.

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