Three Teams To Keep An Eye On This Friday's Blitz

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Three weeks into the state playoffs, and there are still plenty of local teams vying for a state championship. We start with a usual one-and-out, the Godby Cougars have found a rhythm and established themselves as road warriors.

Cougars head coach Shelton Crews says, "Playing on the road, you go into somebody else's backyard and you've got to be ready to play, and it seems like we get focused on the road."

Then the contenders, North Florida Christian's Eagles are soaring after falling in the States last year. This year, the seniors are hoping for one last shot.

Senior Wide Out Darrius McQueen comments, "Knowing the kind of competition that it's going to take to get there, I think we have a lot of experience, cause we have, like I said 19 seniors, so with our experience, I think we'll go into this game, ready to play."

Finally, the defending champs, a tough schedule made them look beatable, but the lessons have been learned, and now they're stronger and peaking at just the right time.

FAMU High's head Rattler Ira Reynolds cites, "I've been criticized for it... we scheduled the tougher teams early to get us ready for the playoffs."

And we'll see another Blitz on Friday, you'll see Florida High and plenty of Georgia too, in this wild ride to the States.

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