Little Giants: Swim Teammates

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Scott Fortier is a 13 year-old 7th grader. In 2007 Scott finished with top 10 times in 11 different Florida swimming events.

Ce Ce Williams is an 11 year-old 6th grader. The daughter of an Olympian, Ce Ce ranks in the top 25 nationally in two swimming events.

Both are members of the Area Tallahassee Aquatic Club and both are among the nation's swimming elite in their age groups.

"At our biggest meet, Junior Olympics, I got first in the 50 backstroke. And I felt that was pretty cool," said Ce Ce.

"This year at Southern Zones in Houston, Texas, I made finals, which I didn't think I was going to. And I went in and I got 8th place overall," said Scott.

Scott and Ce Ce each share a great deal of respect and appreciation for each other.

"She's really, really fast and she's like faster than I was at 11. And this year she's probably going to make Zones and she's getting really fast," said Scott.

"He has really good strokes and he's a really good sport. And I admire him for that," added Ce Ce.

Scott and Ce Ce each recall hitting the water at age 6. Both said they enjoy competitive swimming but swimming is also fun and requires a lot of effort.

"Really fun. And you can have fun with your friends and it's really good exercise," said Ce Ce.

"You swim like year round and work really, really hard and swim a lot to get to the top," added Scott.

And these Little Giants stand at the top of their team.

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