Jaguars Fall To Colts, but they Might Meet Again

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The Jacksonville Jaguars are a team that I thought would once again miss the playoffs, after falling to the Colts, and losing their starting quarterback earlier in the season. However, tons of credit needs to go to Jack Del Rio.

With Rattler Quinn Gray set up under center, they pretty much kept the ball on the ground, and had won 4 of 5 after their first loss against the Colts.

Unfortunately, there was a second one, this one coming on Sunday, but it was a close contest... the Jags falling by 3 telling them, that they are not all that far away.

"They're a good ball team, we're a good ball team, and you hope that every time you go out there you can beat those guys, but like I said, they're out there playing hard, and give it their all, they're a good team," says starting quarterback David Garrard.

"Thought overall our team played very hard, and good hard fought football game that they were able to pull out and win," adds head coach Jack Del Rio.

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