Coach Bowden Disapproves Sloppy Journalism

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Now to some major national news that we reported locally two days ago, the Florida State Seminoles will likely hand the coach-in waiting title to Jimbo Fisher. That does not mean Bobby Bowden will leave. ESPN goes by the worldwide leader, but lately they have been rattling the sports world with some faulty reporting.

Within the last week they have reported Les Miles, he of the LSU Tigers vying for a national title, will be heading to Michigan for their job vacancy, this was instantaneously rejected by Miles himself.

Then they reported Bobby Bowden's contract to be signed, when the Noles coach quickly told us to the contrary.

Coach is not happy with the recent reports:

"It's a disgrace in ways that some of the things that are being reported that don't happen. Instead of reporting the news, some people are making up news. There he was fixing to play the biggest game of the year for them, and he's having to go to his team and explain I'm not leaving because somebody wasn't accountable made that statement. Of course, they had to retract it later on that night, but it's kind of a sign of the times, but it's not good."

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