Little Giants: "Bowling Queen Pin"

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She's a queen among kings, or king pins. Well, lets say she's the queen of the lanes. Yes, queen of the lanes Rebecca Atkinson often finds herself as the only girl competing in a sport dominated by men.

"It's a lot more difficult because there are no other girls to talk to," says Atkinson who takes those difficulties, adds to them with a little resiliency, and uses it to fuel her game.

"Last year at state's I bowled three or four strikes in a row," adds Atkinson.

Atkinson followed her brother's steps when she first picked up a bowling ball. "It looked so fun and interesting. Then I went to state while my brother bowled and it looked so much fun so I tried it," and she was not afraid of failure. Bowling's cool quietness intrigued her to focus on knocking over the pins, rather than other sports.

"It's just fun, your teammates. You get to meet new friends and stuff. And they don't really rush you like other sports. And it doesn't really matter if you are good or bad," says Atkinson.

As Atkinson takes her swings at bowling, this is one sport she plays that she wouldn't mind striking out.

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