Jimbo Fisher Set to Take Over FSU When Bowden Steps Down

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"At Florida State University we know what our future is and we know what our past is. Bobby Bowden will coach Florida State for a while, but when he decides to step down, Jimbo Fisher will be the head coach at Florida State University." Says School President TK Wetherell
"I felt that Jimbo is as good an offensive coordinator as there is in the country. Not only did I feel that way, but a whole lot of other people felt the same way. I'm just glad that T.K. and Mr. Proctor there felt the same way I did and had the confidence in Jimbo that I got." Says Head Coach Bobby Bowden
"There was not a better man, a better mentor, or someone I could learn from then the greatest football coach in college football history. The thing that gets me excited about this announcement is that I still get to do that as I'm trying to grow and become half of what he was or is." Says Offensive Coordinator Jimbo Fisher
No timetable has been set for when this transition will take place, but according to Coach Bowden, as long as he feels up to the task, he will be the head coach for Florida State.

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