FSU Players' Reaction to Fisher Being Named Coach-in-Waiting

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Coach Bobby Bowden will continue as head coach until he decides to take his Hall of Fame bow, and Jimbo Fisher won't worry about finding a new job, because he'll inherit the Garnet & Gold reigns. With the announcement, players and recruits now know what the game plan is for Florida State.
Wide receiver Bert Reed says, "I thought it was a great decision. We, us guys coming in, knew a decision had to be made because coach Fisher is a great coach and there are a lot of open coaching jobs out there and we knew he probably wouldn't be here too long if he didn't get this job, so it was a big sigh of relief for the whole team and a lot of the players when we found out coach Fisher was going to be the coach."
Defensive lineman Andre Fluellen says, "He'll work out just fine. I mean it will be no problems. Like I said, he works hard and he wants this program to be great so that will carry over with him as head coach."
Quarterback Christian Ponder says, "Coach Fisher has some fire in him. I think he's going fit very well as head coach. It's going to be tough to see coach Bowden leave whenever he goes, but it's going to be big shoes to fill, but I think coach Fisher will be able to do it."
Head coach-in-waiting Jimbo Fisher says recruits are feeling better too, "They knew and it wasn't going to bother them, but in the back of their mind, it put some them at ease a little bit and more guys talked to me about it. I think it just put everybody at ease and now we have to find the best players and win coach Bowden some more championships. That's what we got to do right now."
With the rumors of who would succeed being put to bed and the game plan set in stone, both coach Jimbo Fisher and Bobby Bowden set their sights on winning the Music City Bowl and future wins to come.

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