The Falcons Struggle Again, this Time In Front of a Nation

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Another ugly game last night for the Atlanta Falcons, as they continue to improve their draft positioning. Perhaps it was irony that on the same day that their former star quarterback was sentenced to 23 months of prison...

They were scheduled on a nationally televised Monday night game against the Saints.

This is just another example of the star power that Michael Vick had, making the Falcons a hot commodity.

Not anymore. They lost 34-14 to drop their record to 3 and 10. Don't expect any more national television appearances any time soon.

"Like I told the team, that's not what we're about, that's not what we normally have. We got to take a good hard look at ourselves, a good hard look at how we're going to finish this season, and find something to build on," says Falcons coach Bobby Petrino.

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