Every Team Has A Story: The Fight For State Supremacy

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For the Sunshine State, the High school football season has come to an end. The Big Bend was well represented with 3 teams extending the season to the final game. Just one crossed the finished line in first, and the Madison County head coach was choked up with joy. It was an opportunity he got to share with his father in hand.

"My dad, he's sick, he's never seen us win one... this keeps him going, football keeps him going," says Cowboys Head Coach Frankie Carroll.

For the second straight season, the North Florida Christian Eagles fell a win short of a state title. However, their chins remain high after putting their all in a memorable season.

"It hurts, but we came out and we fought hard, I think that's what makes this hurt more, the fact that we played our hardest... it hurts, especially as senior, it hurts," says senior wide out Melvin Ray.

As for the Baby Rattlers, a second straight championship was a bit too much. Now the team faces rebuilding as their star running back Richard Watson heads to Atlanta for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.

"Not only was he a good ball player, but he's a great individual, great student. Wish I had more like that," explains FAMU High Head Coach Ira Reynolds.

A special season is not quite over yet. With the Georgia state finals this weekend, there are still some games to be played.

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