FAMU Announces New Athletic Director

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Florida A&M University put the orange and green on Bill Hayes and announced that he's their new Athletic Director. Hayes is the 7th person to hold the post in seven years.

"Seven is a hell of a number isn't it. Is that right? That's a good number. I like my odds with that number," said Hayes.

Hayes coached college football for 27 seasons where he won 195 games and six conference championships. One of Haye's biggest assignments is to find FAMU's next head football coach. Hayes joked with reporters about the topic but made it known his search is underway.

"I'm way ahead of you. I'm way ahead of you. Next question," said Hayes.

Hayes is the former Director of Intercollegiate Athletics at North Carolina Central University. The same school FAMU's President Dr. James Ammons came from.

"To have finally some stability, somebody that's going to be there for the next few years. It's like coaching, with administration its the same thing. My kids feel a lot more secure when the coach is going to be around for a long time," said Tanio Trifonov, FAMU Head Volleyball Coach.

Hayes has won several accolades for being one of the top athletic administrators. FAMU officials say they are confident Hayes will bring his mark of excellence to FAMU athletics.

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