Casey Weldon Firing Reactions

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Since his name rings a bell in the ears of many people in town, we decided to put our cameras in the community to hear what a few people had to say.

George Merritt, a Tallahassee resident said, "He's done a lot for the community. He grew up here, he went to school here and then went on to become a pro football player and then he came back to his alma mater to coach and he's won some championships and it doesn't make sense."

Todd Coffield, another Tallahassee resident said, "He was kind of like an icon around here and to say that, you know, that they're going to fire him just all of a sudden is kind of weird. Wouldn't you say? "

Jordan Walters, an FSU student said, "I think that locally, they could do a little more to help him out here, you know, I am not sure the reasons. I guess they haven't divulged it, but it'd be nice to find out a little bit more about it see that he gets a second chance cause he's definitely done a lot for this town."

Just a year ago Casey Weldon had his number retired at North Florida Christian.

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