Major League Baseball Players Exposed for Steroid Use

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Tonight we have some Major League Baseball to discuss, even if it is December and the World Series was decided weeks ago.

The conversation regards the Steroids investigation conducted by former US Senator Georgia Mitchell.

The conclusion, which was released today drops the names of dozens of players.

And guess what, if you're a Braves fan, it might make you question the Dave Justice era. He was mentioned in the report.

The biggest name, other than the expected Barry Bonds... How about Roger Clemens? He is practically Barry Bonds, but on the hill, except he has escaped the steroid talk.. until today.

At the end of the day, every single team in the Major Leagues fielded a team including at least one steroid abuser.

"The evidence we uncovered indicates that this has not been an isolated problem involving just a few players or a few clubs. Many players were involved," says George Mitchell, who conducted MLB Steroid Investigation.

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