FSU Leaders Respond to Criticism

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With the year winding down, we're talking some college football, and today I had a chance to visit Seminole practice today, and once again plenty of question concerning the academic scandal posed to Bobby Bowden.

Bowden did not sit silent, on the same day that his University President also released a statement. The press release can be found in its entirety on wctv.tv.

The gist is that this is not a university or athletic department in shambles. It's an isolated class with an online test supervised by what he terms as a rogue tutor.

Bobby Bowden also stands by the statement. Today he explained that when the facts come out, there will be a greater understanding of the situation.

"The main thing is our university is the one who found this problem. It's not like somebody came in and caught us doing something. It's not something the coaches tried to do, you know, and I think people, they'll eventually understand that, but still... you just have to do the best you can with it. That's all you can do. It's what life is all about," said Bobby Bowden.

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