Gators Expect Home Crowd to Attend Capital One Bowl

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With all the chatter concerning FSU, we are now turning to the other big state school in the sunshine state. While the Noles will travel to Nashville, the Florida Gators will simply drive over to Orlando.

It's a game that many college football fans consider the best match-up between two powerhouse football programs.

The edge will go to the Gators for a number of reasons. They have defeated better teams, they have the Heisman winner, and as far as a home-field advantage. Orlando will be far from neutral.

After back-to-back basketball championships, and last year's football championship, Athletic Director Jeremy Foley sees Gator nation spreading throughout the sunshine state.

"We are thrilled to be back in Orlando, it's been too long, 1999, as coach said a great Gator city, great people, great bowl, obviously great match-ups, only thing we're disappointed in is that you don't have 100,000 seats, because we could have sold all of the tickets, but we're very very excited, and fans are thrilled, and it will be a lot of fun," said Florida AD Jeremy Foley.

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