Little Giants: FSU Ball Girls

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When basketball players take a spill and drip a little perspiration on the floor, somebody has to clean it up. And these little giants are more than happy to answer the call.

"At time out and we go out there and clean up the sweat and stuff. So that way people don't slip," said Shelbee Dubree.

"I enjoy helping them because if they get hurt, I would be upset," said Kyra Welsh.

But for this three woman working crew, it's more than a job, it's an experience.

"I like watching them play cause I want to be a basketball player when I get older," added Welsh.

"I like to see how they dribble, run and shoot," said Rylee Mehr.

Rylee Mehr has been court-side for more than two years helping the Lady Noles stay slip free during games. Shelbee Dubree and Kyra Welsh only practiced the trade for a couple weeks. For all the hoops the three have seen made, they agree no one does it better than Mara Freshour. And they're right. Freshour just happens to be one of the top scorers for the Lady Noles.

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