Trying Year For FSU Wide Out Joslin Shaw

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On the big FSU football scandal, perhaps too often we think of the student athletes just as numbers, but they are in fact real people too with real emotions.

To say that it's been a tough season for Joslin Shaw, senior wide out for the Seminoles, would be an understatement. He was looking for a chance to break out this season, and offer a game full of speed just like Chris Davis a few years ago. Instead, the scandal hit him early, he was among the 2 names released when the season began.

It was tough, but the team helped carry him through the tough days.

"Being a part of the team... just to compete the day with the practice just being around them, having fun, when all that stuff happened, I kind of felt like an outsider a little bit, but I was glad to be back with the team," explained Shaw.

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