Little Giants: McDonald's Legends

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During the Capital City Classic, two legends took center court to team up with little giants in a game of basketball. Those legends were the Hamburglar and Grimace. The kids were excited to play with them, but their lack of skills had the kids at odds.

"It was pretty weird cause the Hamburglar couldn't shoot, but it was fun," said Ashely Register.

The Hamburglar is known for picking pockets of tasty sandwiches. But its safe to say that thievery did not translate to steals on the basketball court.

"The Hamburglar, he real good. He was doing good, but he kept missing the ball."

As for Grimace, What can we say about Grimace?

"Hamburglar was better because he got the ball, but Grimace ain't get the ball, so I don't know," added Register.

Neither legend was able to make a basket, but their presence put smiles on the faces of the youth that watch them perform.

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