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We are now just minutes away from the kickoff of the Music City Bowl. While over 20 Florida State Seminoles have been suspended from participation as a result of an academic cheating scandal, it appears as though the fans have been suspended as well. LP Stadium consists of a sea of Kentucky blue with a few Garnet and Gold spots at a minority. The temperature is currently in the mid-50s with a cool breeze. The temperature is expected to drop sharply, leading to conditions more familiar to the Wildcats than the Seminoles.

As far as expectations, the Seminoles do have the majority of their playmakers, however, depth could be a serious issue for the defense later in the game as they try to limit a high-powered Kentucky offense.

The Seminoles opt to receive the ball to open up the game. After picking up two first downs, the ‘Cats defense forces the punt. The Seminoles then fumble the snap, leading to a blocked punt. The Wildcats start with the ball at the FSU 25-yard line for their first possession. After picking up a first down, on 3rd and 9, Andre Woodson completes a 14-yard pass to Jacob Tamme for a 7-0 lead with 10:39 remaining in the first quarter.

---7-0 UK 10:39 1st QUARTER---

The Seminoles are forced to punt after their second possession. As promised, backup quarterback D’Vontrey Richardson was used to provide the team with depth in special teams. His lack of experience was apparent as he fielded and caught the punt. The Seminoles were charged with a penalty. With 5:41 remaining in the first quarter, the Wildcats have possession.

After driving the ball into the red zone with ease, the Kentucky Wildcats gained what appeared to be a first down before Rafael Little fumbled the ball. FSU cornerback Tony Carter recovered the fumble and returned the ball near mid-field.

Drew Weatherford led the drive with a 27-yard rush to the red zone. He then sealed the deal with a 6-yard rush to tie the score at 7-7 with 1:49 remaining.

---7-7 1:49 1ST QUARTER---

After a 3 and out forced by the Noles defense, the Seminole have possession at the 42 yard line to begin the second quarter.


The Kentucky Wildcats had some luck on their side, when Woodson got pounded by freshman Maurice Hayes on the throw, and a lob floated in air before Steve Johnson came down with it and brought it into the end zone for 13 yards.

---14-7 8:28 2ND QUARTER---

With 7:21 remaining in the first half from 35-yards out, it appeared that Drew Weatherford had thrown a touchdown to Greg Carr. The 6’6 wide receiver was called for an offensive pass-interference. Replays suggest that this was a bad call. The Seminoles were then forced to call on Gary Cismacia for a 51-yard field goal attempt. While it appeared that he had the leg, the kick sailed wide right with 5:44 remaining in the half.

On the ensuing possession, the Wildcats passed the ball to Little who fumbled the ball. James Robinson recovered the fumble providing them possession at the Wildcats 27 yard line.

On the very first pass of the drive, Weatherford tossed a 23-yard strike to Preston Parker. The Noles went for it on 4th and inches and failed to run the ball in. The Noles turn over the ball inches away from the goal line. The red zone struggles continue to plague the Florida State Seminoles offense. The Wildcats get the ball with 3:40 remaining in the half.

On the very first play, Woodson dropped back into the end zone and tossed a floater into the air. FSU Cornerback Tony Carter came down with it and returned the ball 24 yards for the score. The Noles are tied at 14 with 3:28 remaining in the half.

---14-14 3:28 2ND QUARTER---

The Kentucky Wildcats marched the ball right back down the field. On third down, senior lineman Andre Fluellen sacked Woodson for an 11 yard loss. The ‘Cats then were once again aided by the referees when the Noles were called for jumping over players for a kick block on what would have been a 36-yard field goal. Replays again suggested a phantom call. The Wildcats could not take advantage and after an intentional grounding, the ‘Cats missed a 40-yard field goal attempt. The score is tied at 14 at the half.

---14-14 HALFTIME---

Penalties slowed down the second half, until Andre Woodson found a wide open Dicky Lyons Jr who beat Michael Ray Garvin downfield. It was a 35-yard play that brought the ‘Cats to the Noles 3-yard line. After recovering their own fumble, Woodson found a wide open Little for a 2-yard touchdown pass. The Wildcats now lead 21-14 with 6:49 remaining in the third quarter.

---21-14 UK 6:49 3RD QUARTER---

The Wildcats continue to dominate the third quarter. Their defense has limited the Noles to nothing but punts, while the offense is moving the ball with ease downfield. The Wildcats milked the clock and took advantage of silly turnovers by the Noles to score on a 4-yard touchdown run by Tony Dixon. It concluded a 15 play, 80-yard drive that lasted 4:34.

---28-14 UK :04 3RD QUARTER---


On a fourth and 2, the Seminoles dropped a pass which would have been called off by an offensive pass-interference. The turnover on possession may very well be the nail in the coffin for the Noles hopes for a Music City Bowl victory. The Wildcats have possession with 12:42 remaining in the final quarter of play.

The Seminoles moved the ball thanks to big plays by receivers Greg Carr and Preston Parker. After getting stuffed at the goal line for two consecutive plays, the Noles scored on a Drew Weatherford bootleg. The Noles are within 7 points with 8 minutes remaining.

---28-21 UK 8:04 4TH QUARTER---

The Kentucky Wildcats answer right back on a 38-yard touchdown pass from Woodson to Johnson.

---35-21 UK 5:19 4TH QUARTER---

The Seminoles manage to bring the score to 35-28, but score no more. They lose a tight battle to the Wildcats 35-28.

---35-28 UK FINAL---

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