FSU Football: A Matter of Pride

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"All day, all day." Those were the words uttered by Florida state safety Myron Rolle before Monday's Music City Bowl in Nashville, Tennessee.
Florida State came into their 26Th consecutive bowl game having already faced the music of 23 suspensions, but the Noles stuck together and fought with everything they had.
FSU offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher says, "We competed in the and game and we carried ourselves the right way. No matter what the circumstance, we kept battling in the football game."
Seminoles linebacker Geno Hayes adds, "We fought the whole game. We didn't give up. No matter how many points they scored, we weren't going to give up. That was the game plan... not to give up, no matter what the score was and no matter how many people doubted us or whatever, we still had the mind set to come out and win."
FSU's offense was spearheaded by a gutsy performance by Drew Weatherford. The junior signal-caller used his legs to move the ball and scored twice on the ground.
Rolle says, "We're still Florida State and you know we're going to battle no matter what. No matter if we;re 34 players short or if we had the whole squad here."
Weatherford adds, "How hard they fight, how hard they want it, they'll never lay down and I just hope we can take that same mentality into the offseason."
FSU's offensive MVP for the season, Preston Parker, says, "We put a lot of effort in. You can look at the score. Everybody thought we were going to get blown out. 85% had us losing. We lost, but we gave a fight. When we had 11 people out on the field, we still gave a fight."
Florida State head coach Bobby Bowden says, "They probably played as hard as any team we've had had play maybe for ever. I was real proud of our players."
The Noles would have one last shot. They came up short, but FSU battled all day, just like Myron Rolle said they would.